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Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentations

The conference will open each day with keynote presentations from industry and business experts.




September 12

Home Care and Hospice is a Marathon: Developing a Marathon Mentality

presented by Matt Jones

Like a marathon, home care and hospice is an endurance event. In order to achieve VICTORY and cross the finish line, you must stay energized, push through the wall of adversity, and preserve until the end. Through Matt Jones' experiences of overcoming major adversity and insurmountable odds, you will be inspired and learn strategies to achieve VICTORY as health care professionals by developing your "Marathon Mentality" and cross your Finish Line! This keynote will provide tips for:

  • Reigniting the Passion and Purpose for Home Care and Hospice
  • How to Stop Stress Before It Stops You
  • Developing Bulldog Persistence
  • How to Operate at a Greater Level of Excellence with In-Home Health Services
  • Creating More Effective Relationships Among Staff, Management, and Patients
  • Thriving in the Midst of Adversity, Setbacks, and Failures
  • Living a Life of Significance

Matt's talk is based on his inspiring life experiences of overcoming cancer three times when doctors did not think he would live, relearning how to walk, and completing seven marathons on seven continents (San Diego, Rome, Tokyo, Peru, Perth, Cape Town, and Antarctica!)


State of the State Panel

The session will discuss the impact of state laws and regulations on home health and hospice agencies to provide valuable insight into the continuing issues going forward. Panelist include the Ohio Department of Medicaid Director, OCHCH's Legislative Counsel and Director of Advocacy & Communications.




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