Research Grants

The Center for Community Based Care accepts research proposals and approves requests for grant funding for the conduct of home care and hospice research by either agencies or individuals.  Requests for grants are not currently being accepted.

Previously Funded Grants

Home Care Research Previously Funded by CCBC include:

  • Decreasing Hospitalization of Home Care Patients, Through a Web-based Dementia Caregiver Intervention by Victoria Steiner, PhD, University of Toledo (2013)
  • A Work Force Study-Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge Attributes of the Home Health & Hospice Nurse by Ann Statler, PhD, RN, Wright State University (2012)
  • Relationships Between Degree of Rurality, Home Healthcare Service Use and Patient Outcomes by Catherine Prouty Vanderboom (2007)
  • Infection Control Practices and Wound Care Supplies in the Home Healthcare Environment by Irena B. Kennely, RN, PhD (2006)
  • Exploring the Home Healthcare Nursing Practice Environment by Susan Tullai-McGuiness, RN, MPH, PhD (2003)
  • Effects of Front Loaded Visits by Joanne Rogers, RN, BSN, MS; Elizabeth Madigan, PhD, RN; and Mary Perlic, RN, ND (2003)
  • APN Transitional Home Health Care of COPD Patients by Donna Felber Neff (2002)