OCHCH - Officer and Board of Directors Elections

Eligibility and Criteria to Serve 

The OCHCH Bylaws and Nominating Committee Guidelines and Election Procedures stipulate the following eligibility and criteria to serve on the OCHCH Board of Directors:

Persons wishing to run for an Officer position must have served as a Director for a minimum of one (1) year. (Article V, Section 2)

Only one candidate from each Voting Member is on the ballot and that a Director or Officer from that same Voting Member will not be serving concurrently.

If a Director or Officer from that same Voting Member would be serving concurrently, the candidate from the same Voting Member is not eligible for nomination for the current election as Director or Officer. If there is more than one candidate from a Voting Member, the Voting Member shall notify the Nominating Committee of the name of the one person who shall be nominated. (Article VI, Section A, 2)

The Nominating Committee will review all candidates that submitted their names in writing to OCHCH not less than ninety (90) days prior to the Annual Meeting. All candidates must be owners, directors, partners or employees of a Voting Member. (Article VI, Section A, 1)

Nominees for office shall submit a one page statement which will include the following points: a biographical sketch, qualifications for office, relevant OCHCH or other relevant home care or hospice experience, information on issues of importance to home care and hospice, and a photograph.

Candidates will be considered based on factors including, but not limited to, their experience, years in practice, and involvement in OCHCH.

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