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Budgetary and Economic Concerns

New Policy Aims to Reduce Number of Kansans in Nursing Homes - Kansas Health Institute (04.16.2012)

Americans Cutting Back on Drugs and Doctor Visits - New York Times (04.05.2012)

1 in 5 Older Americans Scrimp on Health Care to Save Money - MSNBC (02.28.2012)

Editorial: Ohio Right to Shift Funds to Home Care - Marietta Times (12.13.2011)

Cuts Leave Patients With Medicaid Cards, but No Specialist to See - New York Times (04.02.2011)

Home Health Care Could Help Sustain Health Care Systems, Study Finds - ScienceDaily (12.31.2010)

Few Seniors Prepared for Long-Term Illness - MSNBC (12.22.2010)

As Medicaid Payments Shrink, Patients Are Abandoned - New York Times (03.15.2010)

Seniors Pinched By Rising Cost of Home Care - MSNBC (03.08.2010)

Home Care Patients Worry Over Possible Cuts - NY Times (12.04.2009)

For Elderly in Rural Areas, Times Are Distinctly Harder - New York Times (12.10.2009)

After Budget Cuts, In-Home Care for Seniors Faces a Growing Waiting List - The Athens News (7.30.2009)

Rollback Stuns Home-care Providers - Columbus Dispatch (06.27.2009)

Editorial: Long-term-care Reform Could Save Big Money - Columbus Dispatch (06.27.2009)

Editorial: No Special Treatment - Columbus Dispatch (06.26.2009)

Budget Cuts Could Be a Matter of Life or Death - Ohio Public Radio (06.26.2009)

Editorial: Enough Already - Columbus Dispatch (6.24.2009)

Groups Rally Against Proposed Budget Cuts - Columbus Dispatch (6.24.2009)

Nursing Homes Skilled at Securing Aid - Columbus Dispatch (6.21.2009)

Study Says Ohio Could Save By Relying Less on Nursing-Home Care - Columbus Dispatch (3.19.2009)

A Tenuous Lifeline for Seniors - CNN (1.30.2009)

After Losing Medicaid Coverage, Many Patients Land in Hospitals - New York Times (12.17.2008)

Unable to Sell Homes, Elderly Forgo Move to Assisted Living - New York Times (11.22.2008)

Great Depression Colors Seniors’ View of Crisis - MSNBC (10.15.2008)

Who Should Pay for Mom and Dad's Care? - CNN (8.20.2008)

Economy Hitting Elderly Especially Hard - MSNBC (7.28.2008)

As Gas Prices Soar, Elderly Face Cuts in Aid - New York Times (7.8.2008)

How Rising Fuel Costs Affect the Elderly - U.S. News and World Report (7.8.2008)

Gas, Food Prices Pinch Elderly Meal Programs - USA Today (7.01.2008)

Meals on Wheels Choking on Gas Prices - Columbus Dispatch (06.05.2008)

Buying In To Medicaid - Times-Reporter (4.19.2008)

Elder-Care Costs Deplete Savings of a Generation - New York Times (12.30.2006)


Family Matters: One Roof, Three Generations - NPR (04.17.2012)

A Daughter’s Love, a Mother’s Last Breath - New York Times (02.23.2012)

The Increasingly Male Face of Caregiving - Chicago Tribune (02.14.2012)

Millions Now Manage Aging Parents' Care From Afar - MSNBC (01.26.2012)

Single and Seriously Ill: Care Circles Fill In For Family - MSNBC (08.29.2011)

Together Again: Women Take Care of Dying Exes - MSNBC (04.12.2011)

More With Dementia Wander From Home - New York Times (05.04.2010)

Support Groups for Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients Increase Significantly in Central Ohio - Columbus Dispatch (07.27.2009)

In Turnabout, Children Take Caregiver Role - New York Times (2.22.2009)

More Men Take the Lead Role in Caring for Elderly Parents - New York Times (11.29.2008)

Veterans' Families Seek Aid for Caregiver Role - New York Times (11.12.2008)

Pets Have a Place in the Sickbed - USA Today (10.29.2008)

In 'Sweetie' and 'Dear', a Hurt for the Elderly - New York Times (10.07.2008)

For Families of the Ailing, a Brief Chance to Relax -New York Times (8.19.2008)

Love and Patience Help Caregivers Get By - Florida Times Union (8.19.2008)

The Care Connection - AARP (7.22.2008)

Elder Care Shared - Columbus Dispatch (4.22.2008)

As Parents Age, Baby Boomers and Businesses Struggle to Cope - New York Times (3.25.2006)

End of Life

60 Percent of Cancer Patients Die in a Hospital, Dartmouth Study Finds - Boston Globe (04.10.2012)

Despite Best Intentions, Californians Don’t Talk About End-Of-Life Wishes - Kaiser Health News (02.14.2012)

With Poem, Broaching the Topic of Death - New York Times (01.24.2011)

Hospice May No Longer Mean Halting Treatment -MSNBC (05.14.2010)

Making Your Wishes Known At the End of Life - New York Times (04.15.2010)

Five Years After Schiavo, Few Make End-of-Life Plans - MSNBC (03.30.2010)

Facing End-of-Life Talks, Doctors Choose to Wait - New York Times (01.11.2010)

Weighing Medical Costs of End-of-Life Care - New York Times (12.22.2009)

In Hospice, Care and Comfort as Life Wanes - NY Times (11.30.2009)

Few Americans Make End-of-life Wishes Known - MSNBC (11.12.2009)

Experts Urge Health Workers to Focus More on Comfort at End of Life - MSNBC (10.15.2009)

At the End, Offering Not a Cure but Comfort - New York Times (08.20.2009)

Ohio May Let Elderly Have More Control Over Their Care -Dayton Daily News (3.09.2009)

Hospice Helps Students Cope After Fire Killed 3 Classmates - Columbus Dispatch (2.05.2009)

Hospice Chaplains Take Up Bedside Counseling - New York Times (10.29.2008)

For the Elderly, Being Heard About Life's End - New York Times (5.5.2008)

For the Families of the Dying, Coaching as the Hours Wane - New York Times (5.20.2006)


For the Elderly, Emergency Rooms of Their Own - New York Times (04.10.2012)

Autism Rescue: Firefighter Teaches How to Help Autistic People in Emergencies - MSNBC - (03.01.2012)

Too Old to Travel Alone? Companies Offer Escort - MSNBC (12.06.2011)

More Ohio Motorists Getting Handicapped-Parking Placards - Columbus Dispatch (07.05.2011)

When Take As Directed Poses a Challenge - New York Times (07.04.2011)

Seniors Get Help in Crafting Wills - Columbus Dispatch (06.20.2011)

Some Fuzzy on Doctors' Orders - Columbus Dispatch (04.27.2011)

Number of 100-year-olds Is Booming In U.S. - MSNBC (04.26.2011)

Preemie Births Inch Down, But Still a Big Problem - MSNBC (11.17.2010)

Delaware County Registry Alerts Paramedics to Special-Needs Residents - Columbus Dispatch (04.26.2010)

A Graying Population, A Graying Workforce - New York Times (04.24.2010)

100-year-olds' Club Is Starting to Get Crowded - MSNBC (7.20.2009)

World's 65 and Older To Triple by 2050 - MSNBC (6.29.2009)

Pitcher Lands Himself a New Home - at an Assisted Living Center - CNN (5.13.2009)

Keeping Home Life-Support Up When Power's Out - MSNBC (1.12.2009)

Falls Are Leading Cause of Injury Death in Senior Citizens - Los Angeles Times (5.26.2008)

Health of Childhood Cancer Survivors Is Still At Risk - Los Angeles Times (5.26.2008)

Home Care

At 100, The Doctor Is Still In - Cincinnati Enquirer (12.12.2011)

Doctors Who Make House Calls - and More! - AARP (10.25.2011)

Coming Together to Make Aging a Little Easier - New York Times (09.15.2011)

Storm Outages Endanger Those on Home Medical Machines - MSNBC (09.01.2011)

Community Helps Two Women With Disabilities Move Into Place of Their Own - Columbus Dispatch (06.23.2011)

County Offices Team up to Help Seniors, Vets Stay Independent - Columbus Dispatch (06.22.2011)

Going Home: House Calls to Return with Reform? - MSNBC (11.01.2009)

Helping Elderly Leave Nursing Homes for a Home - NY Times (09.18.2009)

How to Select a Home Care Provider - Ohio Department of Aging Boomerang (September, 2009)

Home Health Aide Shortage Looming As Boomers Age - Dayton Daily News (3.07.2009)

No Need for Nursing Home if PACE Handles Senior Care - USA Today (11.18.2008)

A Grass Roots Effort to Grow Old at Home - New York Times (8.14.2007)

Innovations and Technology

New California Law Seeks To Expand Telehealth Services for Medicaid Beneficiaries - California Healthline (02.27.2012)

With Robots, A New Way To Understand Strokes - New York Times (01.12.2012)

Gadgets Keep Watch on Disabled Living Alone - Columbus Dispatch (07.06.2011)

Wired Up at Home to Monitor Illnesses - New York Times (11.22.2010)

Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents - New York Times (07.28.2010)

Going High-Tech to Track Alzheimer's Patients - MSNBC (11.16.2009)

Digitally Tracking the Elderly to Prevent Falls - New York Times (11.07.2009)

High Tech Helps Seniors Live Independently - MSNBC (1.23.2009)

Robots That Fetch: Device Could Help Disabled at Home - CNN (12.01.2008)

Designers Challanged to Include Disabled - CNN (10.30.2008)

Silver Alert Helps Track Wandering Seniors - MSNBC (9.15.2008)

'iShoe' Uses NASA Tech to Help Prevent Elderly Falls - USA Today (07.31.2008)



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