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The Ohio Council for Home Care & Hospice (OCHCH) is a non-profit association that serves as the voice of health care at home in Ohio, advocating on behalf of the industry and the individuals and families we serve.

We are a valuable resource to our members and provide continuing education with our workshops, webinars, online learning solutions, regional regulatory meetings, as well as our Annual Conference and Trade Show. We have a staffed help desk for regulatory and procedural questions and finally, we provide a community of agencies to provide support and help each other find success in serving others!

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OCHCH offers educational opportunities as part of a comprehensive set of tools and resources to support your agency’s clinical skills, managerial operations, and regulatory requirements. From frontline caregivers to health care executives, OCHCH education programs ensure agencies have the tools they need to thrive.


As the voice of health care at home in Ohio, OCHCH works together with our members to speak assertively and thoughtfully for the interests of the industry. OCHCH ensures our members’ interests are protected and supported by working alongside legislators and other policymakers.

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OCHCH members get answers to the toughest compliance, reimbursement, and regulatory questions. Our Help Desk Online and our regulatory experts ensure members receive support for questions dealing with complex subjects.

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Recent News

  • Effective EVV Policies

    Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is used by homecare providers to verify each visit, this ensures quality care is always delivered, creates accurate records, and simplifies reimbursement processes. . Generations Homecare System offers its users in Ohio an interface to Sandata. This means that homecare providers in Ohio using Generations Electronic Visit Verification meet requirements under [...]
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  • Combatting Loneliness in Older Adults A Guide for Homecare Professionals Did you know that loneliness is deadlier than smoking? In fact, studies show that social isolation is as great a risk factor for early death as heart disease, obesity, and physical inactivity. Loneliness has been a growing problem for decades, and it’s only been made […]

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Upcoming Events

  • Start Date: 9/28/2021 9:00 AM EDT End Date: 9/29/2021 5:00 PM EDT Venue Name: Virtual Event Organization Name: Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice Contact:
    Ryan Crawford Email: ryan@ochch.org Phone: (614) 885-0434

    Conference Details: Current Breakout Session Agenda - Click Here! Breakout Session Objectives - Click Here! Pricing Options: Member Individual- $199 10 Attendees (or less)- $499 11 or More Attendees- $549 Non-Member Individual- $299 10 Attendees (or less)- $799 11 or More Attendees- $849 If your agency purchased the All Access Education Pass at the beginning of 2021, your agency will have a flat $449 rate for the conference. If you have questions or issues, please reach out to ryan@ochch.org Please use this form to register!!

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  • THIS WILL BE A VIRTUAL EDUCATION EVENT Description: The purpose of this virtual workshop is to give attendees an up-to-date overview of the operations of a Medicare/Medicaid certified hospice.  The participants will gain knowledge of the Conditions of Participation (CoP), describe Medicare certification and licensure, define hospice core services, levels of care, plans of care, notice of election, revocation, discharge and transfer.  A brief overview of the billing process for Medicare and Medicaid and the basic elements of cost reporting will also be provided. Who Should Attend: This program is developed for newly certified hospice staff including administration and clinical; new staff of an existing hospice; social workers, and private duty hospice administrators considering becoming Medicare certified. This virtual workshop will address:

    • Coverage and services available under the Hospice Medicare Benefit
    • Conditions of Participation specific to the Hospice Medicare Benefit
    • Coordination of care requirements for the hospice patient in a nursing facility
    • Medicare’s billing and reimbursement processes for hospice care
    • Hospice program differences between Medicare and Ohio Medicaid
    • Strategies for managing hospice patients under a PASSPORT/Waiver service plan
    • Operational processes important to hospice care and program management
    • Available resources related to hospice care delivery and program management
    Presenter: Kathy Royer, RN, MBA, DMin, CHPN, CHPCA is the hospice regulatory director for the Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice.  She is a registered nurse with more than 23 years of experience in hospice.  She served as a corporate division director with a demonstrated history of improvement in quality scores.  She has expertise in hospice and hospital environments.  Kathy is skilled in corporate leadership development, operations management, regulatory consultation, coaching, Palliative Care, team building, and as a cultural change agent.

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  • Program Overview: October 14- Hospice Billing Series: Part 1 – Eligibility Requirements & Notice of Election The 2020 Hospice Rule brought some significant changes in reimbursement as well as the content of the actual Election Statement and future Addendum. New and experienced hospice billers periodically need a review of eligibility requirements. Eligibility and requirements for Notice of Election will be detailed during this webinar. The updates to being able to correct a Notice of Election that was not filed, within the allowable time, will be reviewed. This session will walk through the Late Notice of Election and the exceptions process of appeal. A comprehensive review of all eligibility requirements, all aspects of dealing with Election statement changes and all things related to the Notice of Election will be included. AFTER THIS WEBINAR YOU’LL BE ABLE TO: • Review all Eligibility Requirements for admitting patients to Hospice • Define Benefit Periods • Updates to the Content of the Election Statement • Billing Details of Notice of Election • Dealing with Claim issues regarding Late Notice of Election • Update to Late Notice of Election Exceptions & Corrections October 21 - Hospice Billing Series: Part 2 – Details of Medicare Claims Processing Accurate monthly claims and understanding of the navigation surrounding the edits and errors is key to getting paid correctly and timely. This session will take billers through the step by step process of monthly Hospice billing and providing examples of how hospices have successfully dealt with recent changes. The most recent of reimbursement changes will be addressed including proposed changes to the base rates for Hospice levels of care through rebasing. This session will also provide a step by step through the content of the final claims and frequent billing issues. Physician billing will be covered in this session. AFTER THIS WEBINAR YOU’LL BE ABLE TO: • Define distinct levels of care and specifics of billing them • Details of monthly claim content • Outline typical billing issues and how to handle them • Detail newest rate changes due to rebasing/2021 Rates • Outline changes in the Wage Index structure • Define standards for physician billing on hospice claims. October 28 - Hospice Billing Series: Part 3 Face-to-Face, Hospice Cap, HIS & Top 5 Denial Reasons All of the nuts and bolts that hold Hospice reimbursement together will be covered in this webinar. Face-to-Face requirements and the HIS reporting requirement are a couple among many of the daily reimbursement related challenges. A review of specific HIS reporting requirements will be addressed to expand your agency's knowledge of Hospice reimbursement related components. Lastly, the top 5 denials reasons for denied claims under medical review will take agencies a step beyond the basics of just getting a claim processed for payment. AFTER THIS WEBINAR YOU’LL BE ABLE TO: • Review Hospice Face to Face Requirements • Recap the Self Reporting of Hospice Aggregate Cap • List Palliative Care Specific Codes for Billing Part B • Outline HIS Reporting Requirements • Detail Top 5 Medical Review Denial Reasons & How to Avoid Presenter: Melinda Gaboury, is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Provider Solutions, Inc., an organization out of Nashville, TN that provides financial, reimbursement, clinical and operation services to the home health and hospice industries.  With more than 27 years of experience in Medicare Home Health, she is a presenter at both the state and national levels, and is interviewed frequently for national home health publications.  Ms. Gaboury is also the author of "Home Health Guide to OASIS D: A Reference for Field Staff."  Ms. Gaboury has no conflict of interest in regard to this program

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