Monthly Archives: December 2020

OUR TAKE: Health Equity

By Kathy Royer RN, BA, MBA, DMin, CHPN, CHPCA, CEHCH, OCHCH Hospice Regulatory Director During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our world has changed in ways we would never have imagined, some change for the good and some change not for the good.  For Home Health, Palliative Care and Hospice providers one change that has presented one […]

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Question: I am seeking guidance on the recommendation for face shields in addition to masks for patient care of a NON-Covid positive or suspected positive patient.  I have heard that the new recommendation is to add a face shield, but cannot seem to find it anywhere.  Do you happen to know if this is an […]

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OUR TAKE: Our Members Matter!!!

By Jaime Cosimati Executive Assistant and Staff Liaison to the Membership Committee I started working at OCHCH back in February, coming from a background that was much more self-explanatory. I might be the “executive assistant” but coming from a customer service background previously I want to make sure our members are not only utilizing our […]

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