HOME HEALTH: Aide Competency Evaluation Testing

HOME HEALTH:  Aide Competency Evaluation Testing Question:  Can Home Health agencies use a pseudo patient to do Aide competency evaluation testing? Answer: Home Health Agencies can use pseudo patients for Aide competency evaluation testing.  The following is from the Home Health State Operations Manual Appendix B G768 (Rev. 200, Issued: 02-21-20; Effective: 02-21-20, Implementation: 02-21-20) 484.80(c)(1) […]


Question: I am seeking guidance on the recommendation for face shields in addition to masks for patient care of a NON-Covid positive or suspected positive patient.  I have heard that the new recommendation is to add a face shield, but cannot seem to find it anywhere.  Do you happen to know if this is an […]

Managed Care

MANAGED CARE By Alexandra Weingarth, Policy and Advocacy Director One of OCHCH’S main priorities is to alleviate burden surrounding managed care. While we know that the re-procurement process is approaching, we do not want to wait for our issues to be resolved at an unidentified timeline. Therefore, we have suggested regular meetings between provider associations, [...]


By Beth Foster, RN, BA, CPHQ, CEHCH   Palmetto GBA has received questions regarding the claim approval rate calculation results while in the RCD. Palmetto responded with - Please be reminded: There are NO recalculations for the RCD end of cycle results. OUR TAKE: This means the 6 month cycle results cannot be appealed or [...]

Bulletin January 7th, 2020

OCHCH Bulletin January 7th, 2020 ‌ ‌ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We are doing our best work in making sure that the Weekly Bulletin can easily be visually scanned, so that you can get the information and save time!  So the emails will contain the headlines from the entire bulletin.  However, since this is a benefit [...]