About Home Care

Home care agencies coordinate the efforts of a caregiving team to provide efficient, patient-centered care in the comfort of your home.

What is Home Care?

Home care encompasses a wide range of health and social services that can be delivered at home to recovering, disabled or chronically ill persons in need of medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment and/or assistance with the essential activities of daily living. Home care is provided to families and individuals of all ages who are challenged by a variety of health and social problems, including short and long-term illness, injury, physical handicaps, mental health disorders, and chemical dependencies.

Who Provides Home Care?

Home care services are provided by home care agencies. These agencies generally fall into three main groups: home care agencies, home care aide organizations and hospices. In the past century, these public and private non-profit and for-profit organizations have centered on a core of professional nursing and home care aide services. Home care agencies also provide a variety of other services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, and social and nutritional care. Home care usually requires a team effort. Depending on a person’s needs, it may involve professionals, paraprofessionals, and volunteers. Before one receives home care, a specific plan of treatment should be designed by a physician, nurse, and/or medical social worker in cooperation with the people who will provide the care. The team of caregivers is usually comprised of:

  • Physicians
  • Social Workers
  • Registered Nurse (RNs)
  • Therapy Specialists
    (Physical, Occupational,
    and Speech Therapists)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • Dieticians and Pharmacists
  • Home Care Aides and Chore Workers/Companions
  • Family Members
  • Volunteers

Who Pays for Home Care Services?

Home health care services are reimbursed by both private and public sources. Public third-party payors include Medicaid, Medicare, and PASSPORT. A growing number of private insurance plans and other third-party payors also provide home health care reimbursement. Home health care may also be paid directly by the patient or the patient’s family.

Is Home Care Right for You?

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