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Feb 19 | 3:33AM
OCHCH is proud to partner with the Minnesota HomeCare Association to bring you this webinar. Medicare Advantage Plans may or may not have changes in 2020 in regard to PDGM. Medicare Advantage Plans that pay agencies episodically will eventually convert to RAPs and Finals being required every 30 days instead of 60.  This webinar will cover details regarding the actual billing changes that will need to occur under PDGM. This webinar will discuss the ins and outs of dealing with Medicare Advantage plans, including authorizations, codes for claims and dealing with intermediaries when trying to get paid by Medicare Advantage Plans. Program Objectives:
  1. Detail the changes to the billing process under PDGM for Medicare Advantage.
  2. Detail the specifics of successfully collecting under the Medicare Advantage program.
  3. Review the process from Intake through to billing for successful Medicare Advantage billing and collections.
Feb 19 | 3:33AM
With the implementation of PDGM, many have experienced new issues.
  1. When your patient transfers into a facility, which OASIS do you complete and is it a SOC or a ROC you complete when they come back?
  2. What if the patient is still in that facility as the new payment period starts?
  3. What is the new process for OASIS DC?
  4. Is there a requirement for updating for new diagnoses, changed diagnoses, and resolved diagnoses for a new payment period even if there isn’t an OASIS?
  5. What changes in diagnosis coding will improve your opportunities for success in PDGM?
Lisa will answer these questions and more in this 2 part webinar!
Feb 19 | 3:33AM
The purpose of this introductory program is to give attendees an up-to-date overview of the operations of a Medicare certified home health agency.  The participants will gain knowledge of the Conditions of Participation (CoPs), Medicare Manuals (defines PPS billing requirements, plan of care completion, and skilled, intermittent, homebound, reasonable and necessary care), an overview of survey preparation and process, and the role of clinicians in driving financial results.  Individuals will gain an understanding of the role of OASIS and adverse events in agency operations.  The Ohio Home Care Program (Medicaid) and PASSPORT will also be discussed.  This program offers continuing education credits to RNs, LPNs. This program will address:
  • Informational links and resources of federal and state governments.
  • CoPs and the requirements for survey.
  • OASIS, OBQI/OBQM reports used by an agency.
  • Fundamentals of HIPPA (Code Sets, Privacy, Security)
  • Guidelines for home health eligibility - skilled care/homebound
Lunch and continental breakfast are included in the registration fee. Registration opens at 8:30am

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