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Aug 5 | 10:01AM
Summary: Come ready to understand what’s happening in home care in Ohio and gain access to the 2020 OH State Benchmarking Report provided by Home Care Pulse. Join Darin Ellsworth, from Home Care Pulse and the Ohio Council for Home Care & Hospice as we dissect the findings from the 2020 Ohio State Report that illustrate trends and benchmarks for local providers in areas including: sales/marketing, recruitment/retention/finance, operations and the ongoing impact of COVID-19. In this webinar we’ll cover: ·The caregiver turnover rate and hourly caregiver pay ranges in Ohio ·The top 5 payer sources and referral sources in Ohio ·Average client growth rates and client acquisition costs in Ohio ·How you can access the full Ohio State Report Please Register Here - https://homecarepulse.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jbiQ9go2TxyXkyxPOazdug
Aug 5 | 10:01AM
  • Part 1 – Eligibility Requirements & Notice of Election
  • Part 2 – Details of Medicare Claims Processing
  • Part 3 – Face-to-Face, Hospice Cap, HIS & Top 5 Denial Reasons
Hospice billing staff are extremely valuable in the assurance that you are maximizing reimbursement in the most timely manner.  Medicare billing regulations can be overwhelming and clarifications are continuous.  Hospice Reimbursement is driven by excellent care and documentation and a billing staff that can bring it home. This three-part series will establish and/or cement the foundation for hospice staff that need to have a full understanding of Medicare regulations. Medicare eligibility verifications, field-by-field detail on Notice of Election and claim forms, and changes to the billing requirements will be covered. This series will review regulations for billing all hospice services, face-to-face encounters, and home health providing care while a patient is on service with hospice. Hospice information including the aggregate cap self-report, palliative care billing basics, and the latest on HIS updates and transmission requirements will be emphasized. If you are part of hospice revenue-cycle team, this webinar series is a must!
Aug 5 | 10:01AM
OCHCH is excited to provide this introductory program to provide attendees an up-to-date overview of the state requirements for a Medicare/Medicaid and Department of Aging certified home health agency. Participants will gain knowledge of each of the Medicaid Programs’ Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and rules; the required coordination of services with or without case management; the role of Medicaid’s oversight contractor, and Medicaid managed care. Discussion will include the following Medicaid programs: State Plan Home Health and Private Duty Nursing Services, Ohio Home Care Program, PASSPORT Waiver; and Assisted Living Waiver. The main components and requirements of “basic” state plan Medicaid
  • Improve coordination of “basic” state plan Medicaid services with Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers
  • “Basic” and “related” state plan Medicaid services included are – Home health (HH) services – Private duty nursing (PDN) services
The main components and requirements of HCBS waiver services
  • Improve coordination of HCBS waivers with “basic” state plan Medicaid services
  • HCBS include: Ohio Home Care Waiver; PASSPORT Waiver, and Assisted Living Waiver
  • Waiver alignment of the departments of Medicaid and Aging.
Lunch and continental breakfast are included in the registration fee.

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