EVV Updates

EVV Updates

The suspense has been killing you, I know it. The state budget has been SIGNED by Governor DeWine. The phone calls and emails about budget action is OVER!!! – For now. We still have a lot of work to do in the legislature, but I am very proud of the head way that we have made. Look out for the 2019 OCHCH Budget Analysis- coming to an email near you- soon.

Last Wednesday, July 17th was the EVV Stakeholder meeting at the Department of Medicaid. The Department provided a lot of information on claim data since Phase 1 implementation. Let’s just say the data included close to 1,000,000 claims- and only about 57% of those claims would be paid. We are looking at 35% of the claims that would have been denied because of EVV, and 8% of claims would have been denied because of other reasons. Some of the main reasons why there wasn’t a match is because 1) There wasn’t a “visit” 2) The caregiver did not pick the correct service that was supposed to be billed 3) The provider did not clear the exception message 4) No individual match.

They provided a more in-depth claim disposition by provider type, I suggest you check it out.

On the bright side, the Department also passed along some valuable information that you may share with your patients such as: “the device cannot record you because the camera is disabled,” or “no, the device is not listening to you in your home.” It is nice to know that the EVV system is being used for different purposes unlike the Alexa Device (kidding)!

If you are still having troubles with EVV, PLEASE reach out to someone. Again, this is a federal requirement, so we all must play by the rules. In conjunction with this comment, ODM is providing individual technique assistance that you can time up for a time slot and receive 1:1 question/answer time with the experts. They have also made a change to 2 training sessions. Two of the agency sessions are now changed to non-agency sessions (July 31st and August 2nd). Get your training in and ask for help when you need it. We are always here to help and support you.

Alexandra Weingarth is the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Ohio Council of Home Care and Hospice