Five Things to Look For in a Technology Solution for Your Homecare Business 

Five Things to Look For in a Technology Solution for Your Homecare Business 

On Behalf of Our Partners Generations Homecare System @GenerationsHCS

When it comes time to look for a technology solution for your homecare business, the process can soon become overwhelming. It may be hard to know what your business needs or what features are most important for you. Luckily our partners at Generations Homecare System have compiled a list of five things to look for: 

1. Accuracy: Maintaining accurate and secure records helps you keep your business organized and running smoothly. Ensure your software solution helps to streamline the scheduling process as it is often the driving force behind homecare businesses. 

2. HIPAA Compliance: HIPAA compliance and keeping sensitive client information secure should be at the forefront for your business. Ensure HIPAA compliance and data safety are being honored with a digital solution like Generations Homecare System that prides itself on providing a HIPAA compliant and secure solution that you can rely on. 

3. Secure Communication: Secure communication tools help to keep homecare teams connected while improving care outcomes. Generations gives its users many secure ways to communicate, meaning you never have to compromise between communication and security. 

4. Electronic Visit Verification: It’s important to stay up to date with state requirements. Generations Homecare System happily provides its Ohio users with an interface to Sandata. Generations EVV helps homecare teams simplify the Medicaid billing process. 

5. Recruitment & Retention: Look for a technology solution that your care team will love. Generations Homecare System offers three mobile apps that aim to help connect care teams, simplify daily tasks, and maintain compliance, helping to ensure exceptional care is consistently delivered. Click here to learn more about the caregiver mobile app.

To learn more about these five things and more, watch the webinar below. For more information on Generations Homecare System, visit the website, HomecareSoftware.com.