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Link Up with Your Legislator-

by Alexandra Weingarth, Policy and Advocacy Director

I have been traveling around the state meeting with you- our wonderful members, and our elected officials. I would like to share a story of how impactful your visit could be.

This is a true story of a Congressman that was recently on a visit with one of our members. The Congressman was able to learn the mission and vision of the agency and how home health operates. We talked about the unfunded mandates that effect our industry like EVV, and the huge changes in payment like PDGM. Most importantly the Congressman was able meet some of his most vulnerable constituents who are proud to receive their care at home. He was able to listen to them and their loved ones tell their story of how important it is to them to stay at home. Let me paint a picture, a mother caring for her developmentally disabled child at home and has so for the past 50+ years.  A dedicated caregiver who is happy to help her child thrive in the home environment and could never imagine putting her in an ICF or now a SNF. However, as the mother ages, she needed aid herself, as well as helping to care for her child. Neither one of them had to turn to the long term setting because of the help of our valued member. PDGM is now being followed as a hot topic of legislation for that Congressman which he is now considering cosponsoring because of the advocacy of our members and patients.

See, these are the stories that we want to continue to tell. We are not just a “benefit” we are a choice for people to live and excel in the comfort of their own homes. We need to explain at the end of the day that this could not only affect business but it could affect patients’ lives- members of the community, their constituents.

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