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New GG Items Are the Biggest Change with OASIS-D

OASIS-D was implemented on January 1, 2019. According to the OASIS-D Guidance Manual, published by CMS, the main reason for the revision is “to increase standardization across post-acute care (PAC) setting to enable calculation of standardized, cross settings QMs, pursuant to the IMPACT ACT.”

The Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) was first implemented by CMS in 1999. OASIS data elements were designed to enable systematic comparative measurement of home health care patient outcomes at two points in time. OASIS data are collected for Medicare and Medicaid patients, 18 years and older, receiving skilled services with the exception of maternity patients.

Overview of OASIS-D Changes:

  • 6 New Items Added:
    o GG0100, GG0110, GG0130, GG0170, J1800 and J1900
  • 28 Removed Items:
    o M0903, M1011, M1017, M1018, M1025, M1034, M1036, M1210, M1220, M1230, M1240, M1300, M1302, M1313, M1320, M1350, M1410, M1501, M1511, M1615, M1750, M1880, M1890, M1900, M2040, M2110, M2250, M2430
  • 7 Revised Items:
    o M1028, M1306, M1311, M1322, M1324, M2102, M2310
  • Revised Skip Patterns:
    o M1000, M1051, M1306, M1311, M1340, M1610, M2001, M2410, M2420
  • Different time point versions of some items

When asked about OASIS-D changes, OCHCH Regulatory Affairs Director, Beth Foster, RN, BA, CHPQ, CEHCH, answered, “It’s bigger and badder than people thought.”

Foster explained, “The GG Items are overwhelming. When you are answering these questions about functional abilities and goals, there is a choice of 10 responses for each.”

OCHCH reached out to our Affiliate Member Axxess to get their thoughts on OASIS-D. In an email response to our questions, Clinical Product Manager, Shawn Hamilton, RN, BSN, COS-C, HCS-D wrote, “Clinicians need to become adept at filling out the new GG questions.”

“In the new Quarterly Q&A just released, there are a lot of questions about how the GG questions relate to the functional questions. Please understand that the GG and M1800 sections are not identical. M1800 revolves around what the patient can safely do for themselves. The GG questions ask about helper assistance,” explained Hamilton.

Educational Opportunities:

OCHCH is hosting a two-day workshop on February 5 & 6, 2019 in Columbus. Presented by Lisa Selman-Holman, OASIS-D: Navigating Your Way to Success will explain the key points of OASIS guidance, including the latest OASIS manual guidance for OASIS-D, the latest version of the CMS OASIS Q&As, and discus assessment techniques to quickly and accurately gather information necessary to select the correct OASIS responses. The workshop also provides a preparatory review for those taking the OASIS Certification Exams.

OASIS-D: Define, Detail Discover Recorded Webinar is available for purchase in our online store for only $99. The 2-part webinar includes a thorough discussion of the changes that make OASIS-D, including the items removed, items changed, and new items.

Other Resources: