OUR TAKE: Our Members Matter!!!

By Jaime Cosimati Executive Assistant and Staff Liaison to the Membership Committee

I started working at OCHCH back in February, coming from a background that was much more self-explanatory. I might be the “executive assistant” but coming from a customer service background previously I want to make sure our members are not only utilizing our benefits but are satisfied as well. When it comes to my job at OCHCH, I am all hands on deck. However, one of the most important job responsibilities I have is ensuring our members are satisfied and feel at ease renewing their membership for the next year.

When people outside of the Council ask me what I do for my career, and I mention membership services, the easiest way I can explain it is if someone has a gym membership,  a AAA membership, or maybe even a tanning membership (don’t judge- it’s getting cold outside), we have home care and hospice agencies who are our members, and we provide them services and options for their membership.  I want to ensure our members are utilizing the services we provide.

With services like Help Desk and the Listserv, it’s hard not to take advantage of what OCHCH has to offer. Unfortunately, I understand that everyone can be extremely busy, and forget about the other benefits we provide, such as advocacy and education. Or maybe we send out a few emails a day, and you don’t have time to read them, even if there might be some important information included. Even the weekly Bulletin, or Our Take, can be discarded or overlooked due to other responsibilities.

That is why we decided to create a packet for those who renew their membership with us that includes our up to date information. If you renewed already, or will be renewing, you will receive one of these handy dandy packets in the mail. Along with an updated Year in Review, you will also receive the most information such as our services, education, call of volunteers, staff information, and more. To me, this is a helpful reminder of what we are able to help with – also keeping in mind that those are not limited resources. Remember the PPE drive we did in the spring? We are ready to help our members when necessary.

I recently took over the Membership Committee and I am excited for what’s to come in 2021. I can’t reveal too much yet, but we will soon be looking for your feedback on how we are doing as a Council and how we can make the membership better for you. (By the way, we are looking for more members if you or anyone from your staff is interested!)

COVID-19 sure has not been an easy ride for our organization, and for many of our members. We missed seeing you at our Annual Conference this year, and during our in person educational courses, but we sincerely hope you have been able to take advantage of our virtual offerings. Our jobs are here to make your lives a little easier during this crazy time. If we missed the mark at any point, please be sure to let me or any other staff member know as we are happy to make it right.