Political Action and Advocacy

What is a PAC you ask?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is not simple because at OCHCH we have two!

I can hear some of you asking “Why in the heck do we have 2 PACs when we don’t even know what they do?”

I hope that each and every one of you reading this will have a better understanding about WHY we have PACs, the importance of the PACs, and why you should be involved.

We will start out easy- Political Advocacy Committee (here she goes talking about advocacy again). This committee is important because we are the ones who spearhead advocacy issues on all fronts. We talk about important issues in the legislature and how we can engage our members in the association to receive favorable results. Take the state budget, for example (oh no, not again). We are asking for several things to be included for the budget- the advocacy committee is supposed to dissect these issues, figure out which members are affected the most, and help facilitate an articulate solution to present to legislators which are typically in the form of letters or testimony. However, this PAC is supposed to extend far beyond the committees’ reach.


Grass Roots Vs. Grass Tops

Have you ever heard of grass roots and grass tops efforts? Well you’re the “root” and I am the “top.” As the root, it is your duty to set the base for the top. You are the ones who provide nourishment to grow. Without you, the plant would simply not survive. Let’s put this in a literal sense. Because you are a constituent of the legislator in your district, I need you to set the base for me. I need YOU to be my source of nourishment. I need you to make me aware of the issues that your agency is facing AND you must inform your legislator. If I go into a legislator’s office without any roots, my lobbying efforts are not as effective—and sadly may die. BUT, if you have reached out to your legislator, made them aware of your issues, THEN we will be able to work as system and work together for advantageous outcomes.


You have a voice, and it is so important.

That brings me to PAC number two. The Political Action Committee. For those of you who have received the PAC newsletter in the past—you know what this is. You donate money, you get special perks, and that’s about it right? Incorrect. People think that my job is to influence legislators by giving them money- however, it is important to recognize that that is not the entire story- AT ALL. When you donate money to a legislator it goes to their campaign. The main reason we do this is to help keep them in office! We donate to legislators that are interested and willing to get involved in our industry. They have shown that they are willing to support our vision and mission. We ask you to donate to our PAC in order to keep our champion legislators in office. The simple fact of the matter is that we need every agency’s help.  In the future we hope to provide more events for our members and have a lot more perks. In order to do that we need your help.  Please opt by filling out the form below to opt in to advocacy emails and updates.


Consider sharing this form with others in your agency.