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Why Care About Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice?


That’s why you should care about the Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice. We are here to serve home care and hospice agencies all over the State of Ohio who in turn serve people in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes and at the most critical moments of their lives.

How do we serve? Since its foundation in 1965, the OCHCH has become a trusted resource for agencies and their employees in a variety of ways- namely we are passionate about making sure that agencies have resources, such as our renowned Help Desk to quickly and accurately answer any questions they may have in the field.

We have also become an educational resource so that agencies and their employees can stay up to date on their continuing education and contact hours with our qualified and reliable education programs.

In addition to the educational and service opportunities that OCHCH offers, we also represent our members in our advocacy programs in the State of Ohio. We take the initiative to take our vision to the local and state legislators and are dedicated to making sure that our members in the home care and hospice fields are represented to the leadership of our state via our Political Action Committee.

How can we best serve you?